Fox and Otter


Maka Albarn Boots (video)

This is my tutorial/walkthrough for the boots I made for my sisters Maka Albarn cosplay.


  • vinyl/pleather (black and white)

  • heavy craft interfacing

  • old boots

  • 3/4 inch buckles

  • split jump rings

  • velcro dots

  • 1/4 inch grommets

  • 1 inch long ribbon ends

  • bar/brooch pin backs

  • sewing machine or hand sewing needles

  • thread (white and black)

  • ball head pins

  • rotary cutter

  • cutting mat

  • needle nose pliers

  • grommet punch

  • scissors for paper

  • paper

  • pencil

  • chalk

  • scotch tape

  • shoe goo

  • hot glue

  • fabric glue (you can do this project with only shoe goo, it is easier to have options)

  • white acrylic paint

  • at least 2 paint brushes (one for glue one for paint)


Maka Albarn is from Soul Eater and is property of Atsushi Okubo, Square Enix, Madman Entertainment, and Funimation

Music is The Jazz Piano from Bensound

Boots and Filming by Amy OtterCat (of Fox and Otter cosplay)

Amelia Burke