Fox and Otter


Tassel on Rope Trim (video)

Here is a super sped up time lapse of how I put the tassels together for Ren.


▶️ the rope you want to cap in tassels

▶️ existing tassels to destroy OR a skein or embroidery floss in a coordinating color

▶️ fabric glue (and preferably something to smooth it down, i used the other end of a seam ripper, just your finger is fine but messy)

▶️ scissors


I do use a lot of fabric glue and would recommend letting it fully dry between each step

1️⃣cut length of rope and seal off ends with fabric glue

2️⃣ take apart existing tassel OR grab a skein of embroidery floss in a matching color

3️⃣ split apart the rope and put half of the tassel through the opening, winding down till the bottom.

4️⃣ Use a little bit of glue to lay the strands so they cover the cut end of the rope

5️⃣ wind a thread around the threads just under where the rope ended. This creates the tassel. glue down for extra security.

6️⃣ trim the ends and done!

Amelia Burke