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Creating my own pattern (blair)

I am working on the dress for Blair from soul eater (for Sakuracon at the end of the month and I’m only starting now... haha.) and i didn’t have a pattern that would work for her top.



Well I had seen people use this method for armor and I figured it would work just as well here.


Started by putting on the undergarment i was going to wear with the dress that has straps that cross in the back so they wont be seen, and wrapping my body in cellophane.






Then covered that in duct tape in approximately the shape I wanted for the top (btw this is hard to do on your own).


Also unflattering haha






Drew on the lines for the seams to follow







And cut it out (this is HARDER to do on your own)





Then I flattened the pieces and decided which parts I really needed. You only need one side piece pattern for example.





Traced those onto some muslin and added directions to create the more refined pattern.




Finally i used some red scrap fabric as a test and adjusted it as needed.








I think it worked out pretty well, I might even make this a permanent garment. 



and now I’m ready to work on blair using the nice fabric xD



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