Fox and Otter


What's in a Name?

Zack ShadowFox

I never had a single name online, I came up with character names as I needed them. My most long-term name has been Akane, which was my first Dungeons and Dragons character (a half-elf ranger). I had also used DarkAngel as a gamer tag, but I grew out of that name. As for a cosplay handle, I automatically chose my favorite animal, the fox, to go with Amy's otter. That is how we became "Fox and Otter Cosplay". It was actually Amy that suggested adding a little something to help make it more personal. I went through a few tries (like DarkFox or RavenFox) before landing on ShadowFox, which had that element of darkness I like, and was not overly used. I also really like that ShadowFox reminds me of the black/silver morph of the red fox, which shares my hair color.  

Amy OtterCat

The North American River Otter has always been an animal I really identify with, so when it came to choosing an online handle, I knew I wanted it to be otter-related, and simple, and with a clear reference to my name so people didn't end up referring to me as "sweet-otter-1995" for example. I was in 7th grade at the time I think, and animal obsessed (little did I know this would continue and turn into a biology minor). Amy Otter was obviously not-so-unique (read: already taken) so to round out my name I took a look at my other favorite animals at the time; the Ocelot and the Spectacled Flying Fox. Well OtterCatBat was just too long and clunky, so between OtterCat and OtterBat the cat won out, almost entirely because I like to refer to otters as river kittens, in the same way that seals are sea puppers. Fun fact, "otter cat" can also refer to a wildcat, the Jaguarundi, or to the enandgerd Marine Otter.