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Hello! This is the site for Amy OtterCat and Zack ShadowFox.

As a Washington based cosplay duo we are looking forward to continuing our passion and creating a name associated with friendship, guidance, and acceptance.



A Brief History

We started out as your typical nerds, and really that hasn't changed.

Amy introduced Zack to theater and he in turn introduced her to anime and conventions, out of those passions sprung a new love of cosplay. 

First it was just little things, like dressing up in victorian style for the local convention (Rad Con), or throwing together closet cosplays of Kiba and Hinata of Naruto for a day at the park with friends. Our first official cosplays were Aries and Leo from Fairytail in 2013 at SpoCon. 

Since then we have only expanded our cosplay closet, with no end in sight.

More about Zack

More about Amy

Zack ShadowFox currently holds a day job and hopes to return to school to pursue a passion in the culinary arts.

"I have fond memory's of watching anime and cartoons with my brother growing up. I now have a wonderful fiancee to share this with, and who introduced me to cosplay. Through these hobbies, as well as my love for gaming, I have met all kinds of people and made lots of new friends. I hope to continue making friends and enjoying nerd life with them."

Amy OtterCat has a bachelors in Art with a minor in Biology. She works part-time in a fabric store where she can indulge her textile obsession. 

"I have been creating for as long as I can remember. This passion has grown over time as I learned new techniques and fields of art. I truly began as a cosplayer in 2013 and as a mermaid in 2015. I am here to learn, to teach, to laugh, to love, and overall to have fun and MAKE ART."


  • 1st place KuroNekoCon bi-monthly cosplay event 1/12/19 for Blair the Cat

  • Best of Show Radcon 2/17/18 for Alucard and Seras Victoria

  • First Place Intermediate Division KuroNekoCon 7/29/17 for Alucard and Seras Victoria

  • 2nd place KuroNekoCon bi-monthly cosplay event 10/21/17 for Primarina and Decidueye

  • Best Apprentice category RadCon7a 2/18/17 for Merida and Elinor

  • 1st place KuroNekoCon bi-monthly cosplay event 1/21/17 for Seras Victoria

  • 1st place KuroNekoCon bi-monthly cosplay event 9/17/16 for Sophie Hatter

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